Job Search - Observations and Useful Resources

Notes: All the views and suggestions are personal and don’t represent any opinion of my current or previous organization. I am no expert in job search but I have my own share of observations., which might be useful :)
Please use this and forward these if these help.

  1. Commenting on Linkedin Posts doesn’t work Commenting 'interested' on LinkedIn posts isn’t very useful. The comment just gets lost in a sea of comments. Instead, email the job poster or message him/her asking for the email. Those are more likely to reach the right ears quickly.

2. Leverage your network - Take help of your network — not just to ask for job openings — but for the entire process. Connect with them to get to know more about job roles and about interview preparation process. Research well about the job you are applying for. Ask people for referrals.

3. Follow Job Aggregators like The Job Panda , The Job Man and others. They can help you with relevant job alerts. Find more such communities and whatsapp groups suitable for you. Apply early - sometimes the recruiter might find someone suitable quickly and then close the search.

4. Have an updated and active account on 2-3 portals like, Spend time updating your profile - because all the job suggestions will come basis your profile. Spend time telling these portals who you are. This will have a cascading impact.

5. Use hashtags on Linkedin Search using Hashtagsike #Jobs #JobsinMumbai #DataAnalystJobs — whichever is relevant and follow those hashtags. That is another way of subscribing to all such posts.

5. I don’t know if this cliched - don’t worry too much about job change. If you are going to your interview all nervous and worried because in your mind the stakes are very high, then you are decreasing your chances. Just trust the process and be consistent in the efforts.

6. Track where you have applied and where you have interviewed. Analyze what went right and what went wrong. Work inwards on yourself, rather than controlling things you can’t — like why didn’t the HR call back/ why didn’t the mail come etc

7. Read any communication you are sending to a company/HR twice. it is likely to be your first impression — don’t let grammar and generic templates with unchanged names ruin your chances.

Job change is about being smart and consistent. Your skill set is definitely a big factor but your attitude is the finishing move.


Job Portals ( All Clickable Links)

  6. First Naukri
  7. Angel List Jobs

Job Aggregators/Communities/Groups

  1. The Job Panda
  2. The Job Man
  3. All About Jobs
  4. Business Analyst Jobs
  5. All India Job Seekers Group
  6. Freelance Digital Marketing,SEO,Content Writing,Website Development
  7. Part time/Full time/Online jobs without Investment
  8. Freshers Jobs in Delhi
  9. Delhi Jobs
  10. Jobs in India
  11. Media Jobs
  12. Jobs in Gurgaon/Delhi NCR
  13. Dreamers, Doers : Jobs and Gigs
  14. Hireclub
  15. NaukriMojo

Find groups — on Linkedin/Facebook/Whatsapp/ Telegram -which post more for your preferred city and industry.

Job Interview Checklist

  1. Read about the role
  2. Read about your own CV
  3. Research about the company you’re interviewing with
  4. Ask smart questions
  5. Evaluate the workplace through your questions and see if its a good fit for yourself



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